Outbreak is an experiment of a real time combat system where you control three character (as one) simultaneously. Each action is bind to a different button of the controller. The result of this experience isn’t marvellous but there is enough to iterate and do better the next time ;)

How To Play

Your group of three adventurers need to destroy as much Blobs Totem as possible to slow down the outbreak.


Left Stick: Move
Right Stick: Aim
Y: Spear Attack
B: Spear Zone Attack
Left Trigger: Shield Attack
Left Trigger (Hold): Shield Block
Right Trigger: Machine Gun
Right Bumper (Hold): Grenade Launcher

Start: Pause / Show control

At the start of the game you may experience some lag spike (around 4-5 of them) the it stay stable all along (may look into that later)

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